Being ‘Different’.

The imitation game is an outstanding film. A film with numerous inspirational quotes and messages.

It’s based on the story of Alan Turing, and how he broke the German’s unbreakable communication code of WW2. Himself and his team worked in pure secrecy for 2 years. Turing’s journey of breaking ‘Enigma’ included encounters of many disbelievers, doubters, and people that spent their days trying to be the cause of him losing his job. And why did they do this?

Because he’s different.

He didn’t see or interpret things the way others do, so people hated and despised him for it because they felt inferior. This is still apart of our society today, nearly 70 years later. We simply dislike what we do not understand.

This is a linkage to my father. Now, he hasn’t had the easiest life, but he has come to learn that he is special. Special in his own way: intellectually, logically, and as my Dad.

For example, I remember on one occasion he told me a story that, in an Art class at school, himself and his classmates were instructed to draw a tree. The other pupils were simply drawing scribbles that they called ‘branches’, but my Dad purposely drew each one precisely. I’m not saying my Dad’s the next Picasso- because he is far from it. But still, he proudly handed his work to his professor.

Resulting in the teacher ripping his drawing into shreds, in front of the entire class.

This was just one occasion out of many of his schooling life, but it just goes to show that until this very day, if someone does something differently to everyone else, even if it’s the correct way to do it, we dislike it. We ignore it- attempt to forget it if we can, but we can’t. Because we know it’s correct, we know it’s better than the rest but we still don’t change our ways of thinking as it simply is ‘change’.

So, that’s what links Alan Turing, the greatest British mathematician, to my Dad.

They’ve both had their fair share of others telling them they can’t, but that’s what taught them it’s better to be different. And if there weren’t people like this in our world: who are willing to take the risk, who believe in themselves- we would never grow as people. We would remain the same.

We would be normal.

2 thoughts on “Being ‘Different’.

  1. Lovely site Lauren – really insightful thinking! I consider myself very lucky to know your old man – he is one of the best men I know.

    I am a big believer in ‘believe in different’ – variation is the wonder of an individual’s life.
    There are people whom are shuffled forward in life, their course steered by society.
    There are people whom choose to drive against every and any system – seldom do these people have a long term distinction.
    Then, there are individuals whom understand societal floors and identify how to overcome them. It is these people who change the world.
    Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther-king, Anne franks etc….

    In order for the world to drive forward – governments and authorities must action things for the majority. That said those with a quality rational and determination can leave a huge mark on those that they touch.

    Keep up being different – you will accomplish a great deal! I know that your dad is extremely proud of you!


    • Hi Dan,
      thank you for your comment- it’s my first one!! I really appreciate your kind words, and I’m glad you agree with the ideology of my post. I also feel lucky to know the old geez too:)
      Dad says thank you for your nice words 🙂


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