Welcome to Models on Trend, thanks for stopping by! My name is Lauren Tricker, and I’m from the UK.

I first created my website, previously named ‘laurentrickblog’, back in 2014, which focused on lengthy posts, quotations and pictures.

I decided to re-launch my site in August 2016 due to the growth in popularity surrounding interviews – I loved to write them, and it seemed people enjoyed to read them!

Models on Trend is a hub that enables you to get to know your favourite influencers originating from a range of industries, whether that’s through an interview, or a “24 hours with…” article. Enjoy!


Thank you for visiting my website, and if you would like an interview or have a query, please email modelsontrend@gmail.com.

Social media:

Twitter: @modelsontrend

Instagram: @modelsontrend

Facebook: Models on Trend

Email: modelsontrend@gmail.com

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