British model, Chloe Lloyd, is the new it-girl across all continents, having been the face of world-renound campaigns for all of our favourite brands, such as Maybelline New York, The Body Shop, and most recently Bic Soleil.

Maybelline New York

The 22-year-old is an ambassador for Bic, and now agrees that there’s no longer an excuse for not having smooth and silky legs this summer! The campaign is one of her latest business ventures this summer, and agrees the brand is one of the best.

Bic Soleil

However, before winning a competition at the age of 17, Miss Lloyd never intended being a model. As a child, Chloe always wanted to be an “actress or an artist” and was often scouted by agencies or organisations, but decided to continue her studies at college until she joined Storm Models in 2011 at the age of 19, and began world domination. Ever since then, she’s featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle, whilst travelling the world and spreading her witty personality to those she meets along the way!

Elle Portugal

Also, Lloyd is currently dating Union J heartthrob Josh Cuthbert, with the pair often spotted around London and at career-related ocassions. The two met at an event last November, with Chloe agreeing it was “love at first sight” once he’d asked for her phone number. Ever since then, Lloyd and Cuthbert have moved in together and have been inseperable, as well as regularly expressing their affection for each other through social media posts on Instagram and Twitter, bringing cuteness to their followers’ timelines.

Chloe’s Instagram | @chloelloyd

When asked about her dream holiday destination and who she’s go with, Lloyd states that she’d love to go on a worldwide trip with Josh, but agrees that tropical islands have been her favourite so far, such as the couple’s recent trip to Barbados! However life as a model isn’t always so hectic as many would expect, as to describe her perfect day, Lloyd says “chilling out and going for dinner” would be her top choice.

To keep in shape, Chloe often goes to the gym and takes part in pilate classes. However she’s previously mentioned how the ‘healthy-only’ lifestyle has never really appealed to her, but agrees that everything in moderation is perfectly fine as chocolate will always be her guilty pleasure!

Hannah Hillier

To make herself one of the most highly respected models of our generation, Lloyd is known to not always feel the need to wear makeup, and instead spreads her natural beauty and prove to women you don’t need product to make yourself feel or look great! However on the ocassion when makeup is required, Lloyd agrees that in the summertime powder is a must-have in order to set foundations and creams to prevent smudging. Plus, to keep herself smelling freshly fragrant, Chloe says that Chanel’s ‘Chance’ is one of her go-to’s all year round!

Anna Fowler

Overall, Chloe Lloyd is a true inspiration to all men and women of today, through proving that a good attitude, cheeky humour, and motivation is all you need to succeed in the world we live in.

I would also like to thank Chloe for taking the time to answer my questions!

Speak soon. Lx

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