Blogger and YouTuber, Skaiste Pakalnyte, who goes by the name, “Scent of Blanc”, has well and truly burst into the influencer scene, hosting go-to destination for all things fitness and fashion, and has recently been shortlisted for ‘Best Newcomer’ at Cosmopolitan’s Influencer’s Awards.

Instagram | @scentofblanc

A devoted reader of blogs herself, Scent of Blanc was born during Skaiste’s university days after craving the sheer freedom of her favoured bloggers. “They could write about their thoughts and share with others”, Skai explained. At first, her blog contained highlights of her time at Uni, which spiraled into fashion posts and soon came fitness: Scent of Blanc’s niche focus was founded.

However written words aren’t her only foreplay, as, in the past few months, Miss Scent of Blanc herself has been delving into the domain of YouTube. Filming under the same title, Skaiste revealed her initial hesitation in regards to being on screen: “I guess I was always too afraid to show ‘too much’, as I like to keep my personal life private”. But Pakalnyte agreed the platform, as a viewer, can be more interesting, which encouraged her to take the plunge and create her own channel.

And so far so good – for the past few months, Skaiste has been tycooning through one video a week, and her hard work is being paid off in the continued booming of views and subscribers.

Instagram | @scentofblanc

Throughout the month of January, Skaiste is holding the annual debut of her YouTube series, ‘Fitness with Skai’. Aiming to capture “real life”, but specifically how she maintains a balanced lifestyle within a hectic schedule in the fashon industry, she pledges to film “3-4 times a week”, meaning content will be gloriously streaming this month and I’d highly recommend you join her on the journey.

I think full time blogging would be great – however learning about the real industry with exceptionally experienced people is something I’m super excited for when going into work, too.

At present, the budding 24-year-old is juggling two part-time occupations: Scent of Blanc, and a job in Fashion PR, which entails working on social media platforms to coordinating with journalists. When asked about whether she would go full-time as a blogger,

Instagram | @scentofblanc | With @bibgoeschic

Pakalnyte states she loves “having the balance of both” and beams with excitement for her double-jointed working life, explaining she “couldn’t be more happy” to be surrounded by some of the industries’ greatest advocates in the workplace.

In regards to her future goals, Pakalnyte expresses her desire to “define” Scent of Blanc, continuing to intertwine fitness and wellness; beauty and style into one go-to digital space. During our discussion, Skaiste expresses her distaste for the separate labels of “Fashion Bloggers” and “Fitness Bloggers”; she vouches for the reader that is a confident young individual who’s focused on themselves, but also their career. They would live a “busy lifestyle” and strikes for “perfection” in their career, but ensures to find time for themselves, whether that be in the gym, in the kitchen or on the sofa; they would also be “beauty and fashion conscious”, seeking “quality” in their personal style.

Instagram | @scentofblanc

On a reminiscent note, Pakalnyte declares one of her blogging highlights to be “when I captured my fitness journey a year ago”, and explains the positive feedback from those who were joining in inspired her to do the series again. In regards to her  favourite brands that she’s worked with, Skaiste declares LookFantastic as her “go-to for all things beauty”, and names PUMA, New Balance, MyProtein and many more as her milestones. “It’s difficult to say,” she adds, “as brands that I agree to work with I genuinely admire and recommend.” Skaiste assures that any form of paid promotion across her social outlets are only with trusted brands and products, and declares”I would rather work with three brands throughout my whole blogging journey than multiple brands that I only try out once and never again.”

Due to her semi-focus being fashion, it was only natural that I asked Skaiste what her winter staples were! The well-established blogger sings her praises for chunky knitwear, which she is often seen wearing beautifully well on her blog and Instagram (which are both linked below).

Gym is my therapy, I enjoy going alone and really putting in the work.

I felt it was also integral that I delved into her fitness

Instagram | @scentofblanc

routine, and Skaiste disclosed that, at the moment, she is loving an intense gym session. In regards to her gym gear, as Skaiste is a renowned lover of the Sport Luxe trend, she revealed PUMA and the JD x Lucy Watson collaboration as her favourites. Skaiste recently attended the launch of the partnership – which is between Watson and PUMA, exclusively available at JD Sports – and composed a blog post on the event.

In addition to this, I was intrigued to know how she maintains her glowing complexion during the colder months, and Skaiste reveals that she opts for thicker, more hydrating moisturizers, and, to supplement the loss of her summer tan, she’s often drawn towards foundations of a higher coverage! Pakalnyte also composed a well-informed blog post regarding her “5 Must Have Products this Winter”.

Instagram | @scentofblanc

So, Skaiste Pakalnyte: a heartwarming, genuine young woman conquering the fashion industry with sincere charm, grace and a drive that can get you anywhere – which Miss Scent of Blanc herself is a perfect example of this in motion.

Thank you to Skai for taking the time to answer my questions! Please find Skai’s social media links below.

By, Lauren Tricker | Instagram & Twitter: @modelsontrend

Skaiste’s social media:

Blog: www.scentofblanc.com

Instagram: @scentofblanc

Twitter: @scentofblanc

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