Being ‘Different’.

The imitation game is an outstanding film. A film with numerous inspirational quotes and messages. It’s based on the story of Alan Turing, and how he broke the German’s unbreakable communication code of WW2. Himself and his team worked in pure secrecy for 2 years. Turing’s journey of breaking ‘Enigma’ included encounters of many disbelievers, doubters, and people that spent their days trying to be the cause of him losing his job. And why did they do this? Because he’s different. He didn’t see or interpret things the way others do, so people hated and despised him for it because they felt inferior. This is still apart of our society today, nearly 70 years later. We simply dislike what we do not understand. This is a linkage to my father. Now, he hasn’t had the easiest life, but he has come to learn that he is special. Special in his own way: intellectually, logically, and as my Dad. For example,

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Being ‘Liked’

Have you ever been told you’re not liked by someone? Well, the answer to that is “yes”, you have. And the reason as to why is because you’re not perfect, and everyone is different. Obviously other reasons will be included into that person’s opinion of you, but they’re the two main ones. They’re also the only reasons that should matter. To me, being liked by people seemed really important. If I was ever told that someone didn’t like me, I would feel harshly offended. Even if the person didn’t know me, or had never even spoken to me, I’d still take it really seriously. There are people in this world that are never even influenced with the thoughts of caring whether they’re liked by others, and if I’m honest, that’s a great way to live. As I’m getting older, learning who I am, and meeting different people, I’m coming to learn that it does not matter. Being liked by people

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