All you can do in life is your best.

Whether that’s in order to benefit someone else or yourself, minimallist or life changing, positivity is positivity and whatever’s started will spread. You just have to be the one to start it.

Isn’t it true though? When your Mum shouts at you again for leaving your dirty plate on the kitchen counter, so you then go to school and snap at your friend because you were in a bad mood. The domino effect involves postivity and negativity.

But that’s because the world is far from perfect. However it’s our job to make it as close to perfection as possible. Life is gift, and we should always try to be the one to start the line of positivity, because we don’t know how far it could spread nor what good it could bring to those most in need.

I believe we all have a purpose in this world, for example, you were meant to compliment your friend’s new hairstyle that one time. This could make them feel good about themselves, for a start, but this could be an infinite change to many more people that you don’t even know exist. Something so small and simple, yet something so big.

This post was just to try to make my change, and spread my little bit of positivity in order to show what great impact everyday things can have on this world. Now I’m not saying negativity can be totally avoided, because it can’t. Like I said, the world we live in isn’t perfect so it will continue. However it’s our duty to do your best to prevent it, and/or, simply do better next time.

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