Reminiscing… London Fashion Week SS17

tj-model-4-nefFashion Week was AMAZING.

That is the only way to describe it.

The people, the noise, the hustle and bustle, the fashion, the lights, the vibrancy, the fun- need I go on.

On the first day, I attended the Teatum Jones show, which was held at the iconic British Fashion Council’s Catwalk Space. Clean and slick, it was the perfect venue for the co-designers’ block and patterned range that I would love to get my hands on.

The designs were sincerely stunning- chic and sophisticated, and extremely wearable for both, the minimalist and maximalist dresser. Designers, Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones,

Teatum Jones Catwalk Show SS17

showcased their design segments in the presence of reality stars, models and other modern influencers. I even met past interviewee, Chloe Lloyd, who was a ray of sunshine on the rainy day- and looking a vision in one of Teatum Jones’ dresses. Other segments included lace, netting and prints across women and menswear.

A spectacle I shall never forget.



Throughout the day, I embraced the hustle and bustle of the seasonal occasion. On my travels, I met many delightful people who epitomized sheer elegance. One of the lovely ladies I came across was chic fashion blogger, Karine Jones- the voice behind Aesthetic Candy (@aestheticandy). Jones’ blog aims to give the reader pleasure, whilst inspiring them to unearth their individual style- it’s a must-read!

Later on, I met the delightful, Claudia Garcia- the creator of fashion and travel blog, The Trendy Hub (@thetrendyhub), which discusses everything from street style favourites to her travel-to destinations! Alongside Garcia, I met Amelia Strange and Arrantxa Garrado, and asked them the following Fashion Week questions.

Arrantxa Garrado

Who is your favourite designer this Fashion Week?

Amelia Strange: Difficult question… but I saw Eudon Choi about two hours ago and it was so good- really elegant, I could definitely wear everything that was on the catwalk, that’s for sure!

Claudia Garcia: I really like J. JS Lee, and I really like Paula Costelloe. And, actually, the one we just saw- Eudon Choi- it was really good, really chic, very minimalistic.


Tanya Burr

Say you are running out the door, what are the Fashion Week essentials that you throw in your bag?

Amelia: Definitely my liquid eyeliner, it’s been my partner in crime for like seven years! Usually bronzer, my tan is going away now so that’s going back in my bag.

Arrantxa Garrado: Depending on the weather, of course!… A little bit of makeup because it is a long day. I always bring a small mirror, my chewing gum and my lipstick.


Claudia: iPhone charger, concealer and eyeliner… and my phone, obviously!


Who is your favourite designer that is not showing in Fashion Week or what is your favourite Fashion House?

Amelia: I don’t want to go for all the obvious ones but they’re all really great, too… I always look at the Chanel ones, I love elegance and I think Chanel is just elegance all around… I think that would be the catwalk that I would die for.

Claudia: I’d go for Jo Moto. Just like dark colours, very minimalistic, plain- I like it.


Day 2:

After the sheer madness of the day one, I had high hopes for what was to come- I’m pleased to say that the second day of Fashion Week was equally as astounding.

Whilst on my travels, once again, I met numerous delightful figures, one of which being the stunning, Skai Pakalynte, who goes by the blogger name of Scent of Blanc (@scentofblanc), in the queue for a show which, unfortunately, reached full capacity before letting us in. Pakalynte’s blog revolves around the niche combination of fashion and fitness, and I would highly recommend giving her site a read. Be sure to keep an eye out on Models on Trend for something very exciting coming soon with Skai!

Here’s what London Fashion Week Day 2 attendants said in response to my questions.



Who is your favourite designer in London Fashion Week?

Sarah Penny: So far, I think I really like Eudon Choi… He’s got a really good commercial head on him, and he kind of knows what styles and he really knows his audience. Even for him, I felt like he was kind of stretching himself with the detailing and the features; it was really, really interesting for him.

Carlee Wallace: Tough.. Well, my favourite designer’s Phoebe Philo but she’s not showing… I saw the Teatum Jones show and it just blew my mind- it was really great, so up and coming.

Lisa Nguyen: It has to be Elie Saab, that’s my favourite.

Mariah Idrissi: Today is my first day! Last year I did Pam Hogg, and that was really good I loved the style, and Katie Zee, as well; this is the first show I’m doing today.


Right to left: Mariah Idrissi and her manager



Say you are running out the door, what are the Fashion Week essentials that you throw in your bag?

Sarah: I would put in my handbag-  number one piority is my phone,*and* a red lipstick normally- because by Monday *of Fashion Week* fatigue starts to kick in- and a bottle of water.

Carlee: My phone and my headphones.

Sasha Barrett: Probably red lippy, gum- because you’re meeting so many people, you want to have fresh breath- and just a weak perfume.

Emi Papanikola: Phone, chewing that I didn’t.. Sasha: My gum, ha ha! … Emi: Water, keys.

Lisa: My lip gloss, and my favourite perfume which is a Marc Jacobs one.

Mariah: Lipstick, especially if I’m wearing a bright colour! My phone, of course, keys.


Who is your favourite designer that is not showing in Fashion Week or what is your favourite Fashion House?

Sarah: That’s really difficult… Georgia Hardinge, who is not showing this season because she is re-aligning her brand. She used to show at Fashion Week but she’s decided to take time out and re-brand- and it’s very folded, structured pleating, and I think she’s doing something that’s completely different from everyone else.

Emi: Claire Barrow!

Left to right: Sasha Barrett and Emi Papanikola

Lisa: Some of the emerging ones… I’m a designer myself. There’s a few others- too many to list!

Mariah: I’ve got so many. I love COS, that’s my favourite high street, and more high fashion I like Burberry, definitely.


What is your favourite part about Fashion Week?

Sarah: I think seeing the progression of designers, because you can follow someone from when they’ve just graduated, and when they’re showing as initiatives such as Fashion Scout, and when they move on to NEWGEN and Fashion East. Just really seeing the evolution of careers.

Carlee: I just love the shows, to be honest, it kind of combines that bit of theatre and fashion together and I just think it’s amazing.

Sasha: I think connecting with new people, and re-connecting with old connections that you haven’t seen in a while.

Emi: When the music drops and the first model comes out.

Lisa: I think it’s the excitement, like seeing different creativities that designers come up with, and the excitement of people rushing in to see the shows, and the press and the people- just the whole vibe.

Mariah: I think the events in the evening; I do love the shows but events you get to network a bit more.

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